AeroFlow K1600GTL|K1600GT (12-16) AeroWings


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AeroWings are designed to expand the GTL and GT driver's envelope of protection by directing airflow away from the torso, chest, shoulders and arms. They also improve passenger protection by reducing airflow felt at the sides. We feel AeroWings are a must for riding in cold, rainy conditions but the improved protection will be appreciated by anyone doing more than just city driving. AeroWings sit above the bike's stock, adjustable air-intakes and direct airflow away from the driver. Maximum protection is felt when running with the stock, adjustable, vents in the Closed-Position. With stock intakes in the Open-Position they reduce airflow to the driver by about 60%. For driver's wanting more airflow to the body in extreme heat AeroWings are easily removed and stored in the bike's bags or trunk. Though designed to work best with our GTL AeroScreen, extensive Aerowing testing with stock and other screens showed a noticeable improvement in protection as well.

AeroWings attach to the bike with 3-M Dual-Lok which provides very positive engagement yet allow easy removal and re-attachment. AeroWings, available in either Clear or Dark Smoke, come with detailed, illustrated instructions which, if followed, ensure easy installation.

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AeroFlow K1600GTL|K1600GT (12-16) AeroWings
Produced by AeroFlow of USA