BMW Motorcycles AirFlow Gloves - Gray


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These gloves perfectly match the AirFlow suit, but are also ideally suited for summer touring. They offer a mix of thin and highly wear-resistant material such as goatskin and AirTex, which combine grip and protection. Knuckle protectors and shock-absorbing foam protect the back of the hand. Holes inside the fingers optimize ventilation. In short, with the AirFlow gloves the next summer touring can get under way!

-Light, well ventilated summer gloves
-Highly breathable goatskin and extensive air-permeable AirTex material on the back of the hand
-Perforations at the back of the hand and between the fingers for better ventilation
-Double layer of material on the palm of the hand at the areas in danger in the event of a fall, with schoeller-keprotec padding at the ball of the hand
-Leather-covered plastic knuckle hard shell with ventilation holes, with shock-absorbing foam backing
-Light foam padding on backs of fingers
-Short cuff with Velcro for snugness at the wrist
-Soft finisher prevents uncomfortable chafing at the wrist
-Perfect bent-finger preshaping, movement folds at the fingers
-Palm not lined for direct grip and feedback from the handlebars
-Thumb is suede leather for wiping the helmet visor
-Colours: Black, grey
-Sizes: 6-6.5 to 12-12.5
Leather with dirt and water-repellent finish:
-Soft leather, natural finish
-Optimized grip and high breathability with aniline dying (the pores of the leather stay open)
-A good fit despite perspiration and wetness.
schoeller-keprotec: Fabric made of high-strength fibers is tremendously durable for motorcycling wear and tear (ex-tremely abrasion-resistant and fall-resistant, tear-resistant) and also temperature-resistant
schoeller AirTex is a highly abrasion-resistant, mesh-like material, and the large patches of this material on the back of the hand ensure optimum ventilation.
Finger seams of palm are semi-piqué stitched to avoid pressure points
-BMW Motorrad logotype on the Velcro fastener
-BMW badge as rivet

BMW Motorcycles AirFlow Gloves - Gray
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