Bungee Buddy for Motorcycles

Bungee Buddy

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Position the Bungee Buddy for optimal placement, drill a hole, then lock in the Bungee Buddy--The best BMW "tie-down" solution. Precision crafted with stainless steel and high impact plastic. Includes stainless washer and ny-lock nut.

A practical way to secure extra stuff to your bike is to add several tie-on places so you can secure your load right. These Bungee Buddy’s are easy to install (drill a hole), will stay in place (large backing washer and locking aircraft nut), hold a load (strong materials), and look good (low profile black resin). By the third day into your next road trip you’ll be glad the daily ritual of loading and unloading is not the big struggle it once was. These little things mean a lot. Pack of four.

Bungee Buddy--Four Count (4)

Bungee Buddy for Motorcycles
Produced by Hyper-Lite of USA