BMW Motorcycles Advanced Charger III


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BMW Motorrad USA and Deltran have developed a new Advanced Battery Charger that is intended to be used with the motorcycle auxilliary power sockets of pre-CAN models utilizing the included DIN auxiliary socket adapter or directly to the battery. Note: for motorcycles with CAN electrical systems that control the socket output after key off, charging can only take place directly to the battery.

The charger is specially programmed to charge and maintain flooded lead acid, BMW Motorrad Gel and AGM batteries. This High Efficiency Plus model operates using less electricity than the previous version while producing the same amount of current output and is certified for the California Energy Commission new battery charger standards. This charger replaces the BMW Generation II Gel/Lead Acid Battery Charging System and comes equipped with three connection cables for battery connections: DIN Auxiliary socket, fused eyelet terminals and fused alligator clamps.

Technical data
-Input 120 V AC @ 60 Hz
-Output 12V minimum, 1.5A maximum
-4 Step charging cycle (analysis, bulk, absorption, float)
-Spark proof and short circuit protected
-Reverse polarity protection
-Safety timer 72 hours (prevents damage to marginal batteries)
-Listed in California Appliance Efficiency

Warranty: 5 Year warranty provided directly from the manufacturer. Documentation for warranty process is contained in the kit.

BMW Motorcycles Advanced Charger III
Produced for BMW by Deltran of USA