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Schuberth M1 SRC System


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The SRC-System™ integrates into the Metropolitan 1 in an elegant and functional manner. The SRC-System™ simply snaps into place, using the ready-made notches and can be used immediately. From phone calls or bike-to-bike communications to navigation and music: all the options of this high-end communication system are available straight away.

Plug & play- All the components, such as the “boom-less” microphone, speakers, antenna, and cabling are already pre-installed in the M1 helmet… just snap the SRC-S in and ride!

Software update
Always keep up to date. The latest version of the SRC-System is always available to you as a download. If you register your SRC-System, you will be informed by email as soon as a software update is available.

Schuberth offers a 2 year manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase on the SRC system.

Schuberth M1 SRC System
Produced by Schuberth of Germany