PT706B + FR155B x 2 + EE078H

Rizoma RnineT|Scrambler Sidearm License Plate Support with Club S Lights Kit


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The Rizoma "Sidearm" license support plate, with its elegant character, has been designed to meet the critical eye of the most demanding nineT owner, and also compies with European standards for road use. The "Sidearm" kit consists of the plate holder and the new underseat cover which replaces the original component. Installation of this kit requires removal of the original rear light and indicator lights, both of which are replaced with the included Club S lights (pictured bottom left) with integrated running, brake, and turn signal functions. There is also the optional Rizoma RnineT "Sidearm" License Plate Support Rear Fender (pictured installed lower right) sold separately. Includes the Rizoma RnineT Undertail Cover.

The Club S marker lights have a four-wire configuration with extra functionality as they offer a two-stage red light to provide the brake light function and an amber turn signal light.

Note: Pictured with Euro plate holder, all Rizoma license plate supports include both it and US-size brackets.

Rizoma RnineT | Scrambler "Sidearm" License Plate Support with Club S Lights Kit
Produced by Rizoma of Italy