Rizoma S1000RR|R|XR|HP4 Swingarm Spools Black


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Speed is the key factor when working on a motorcycle. Designed to fit a wide range of makes and models, Rizoma swingarm spools are fitted with a quick mount system which can be used even in competition to raise the bike off the ground. Machined from aluminum billet for improved robustness and long service life, their uncompromising design adds a touch of class to any bike.

Also fits any machine with M8 swingarm spool bolts. If your machine has M6 or M10 swingarm spool bolts, please see Rizoma M6 Swingarm Spools or Rizoma M10 Swingarm Spools.

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Rizoma S1000RR|R|XR|HP4 Swingarm Spools Black
Produced by Rizoma of Italy