Schuberth C3|C3W SRC System


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With the introduction of the first fully-integrated communication system for the Schuberth C3 and C3W helmets, riders can enjoy bike-to-bike intercom, cellular phone, GPS, or MP3 functions without the visible bulk and aerodynamic drag.

The ultra-slim SRC System is attached directly to the helmet, encased in a replacement neck collar that snaps into place and is fully operational within minutes after initial charging.

-Up to three riders can communicate within a range of up to 300 meters
-Automatic connection set-up by speaking; automatic connection shut-down after 30 seconds of silence (two-channel system of communication)
-Automatic reconnection when call is cut off

-Most MP3 players connect using a USB cable (no cable required if MP3 supports Bluetooth A2DP technology)
-Simple control of device with the SRC System control keys

Phone + GPS
-Simple set-up between the SRC System and cellular phone and GPS with Bluetooth capability
-Incoming calls accepted with a voice command or the SRC System control keys
-GPS voice instructions received over speakers

Rechargeable Li-Po Battery
-10 hours of talk time
-1 week of stand-by time
-2 hours (approximately) of charging time

-Schuberth offers a 2 year manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase on the SRC system.

Note: Does not work with factory audio system on R1200RT, K1600GT, and K1600GTL.

Schuberth C3|C3W SRC System
Produced by Schuberth of Germany