Schuberth HelmetLok Carabiner-Style Combination Motorcycle Helme


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Schuberths HelmetLok is a carabiner-style lock, with a 4 digit programmable locking mechanism, designed to lock your helmet to your bike. Simply open the lock, slip the carabiner through your helmet's D-rings or use the "t-bar," attach it to your bike and lock it! Unlike a conventional carabiner, when the locking arm is open, it pivots outwards. This allows you to attach it to large diameter handlebars, bike frames, gear racks and grab rails, in fact it will fit around anything up to a 1.5" diameter.

The 4 digit locking mechanism is made from weather resistant zinc alloy and to protect your bike, the aluminium carabiner is covered with a protective plastic coating.

Since the Schuberth HelmetLok is not permanently mounted to your frame, you are free to attach your helmet to any suitable place on your bike. Small and compact enough to fit in your pocket or on your belt loop, why be weighed down carrying your helmet around! Use the simple-to-operate Schuberth HelmetLok to secure your helmet to any part of your bike. Lock it, don't lose it!

-Includes exclusive "t-bar" pictured!
-Four (4) digit combination lock (select and set your own code)
-32mm (1.5") Carabiner
-Outward opening mechanism
-Durable and weatherproof zinc alloy finish
-Protective plastic coating

Schuberth HelmetLok Carabiner-Style Combination Lock
Produced by Rocky Creek Designs of Australia for Schuberth