Touratech Aventuro Carbon Rallye Helmet


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Touratech Aventuro Carbon Helmet
Touratech has set a new standard for adventure touring comfort with the Aventuro Carbon helmet. This lightweight, carbon fiber helmet is comfortable, features a No-Drag Visor, and easily transforms between street, dual-sport and dirt configurations. While there is no shortage of helmet options on the market, there are surprisingly few good choices for the ADV touring crowd. Some of the most popular adventure touring helmets are heavy, generate excessive wind noise and are limited to just one configuration. Because of these limitations, Touratech has set out to make the ultimate helmet for adventure touring.

We started with weight. Let's face it, ADV riding and distance touring means hours in the saddle and riding with a heavy helmet takes its toll on your neck and shoulders contributing to fatigue. Touratech has used strong but lightweight carbon fiber to create a helmet that weighs approximately a half pound less than most of the popular dual-sport models.

No-Drag Visor
The visors on most helmets tend to grab passing air, which limits your range of motion and puts strain on your neck. The Aventuro Carbon's No-Drag Visor is designed with massive ports that allow air-flow to pass through the base of the visor. Like a pressure release valve, it dumps air to reduce pull on the head reducing strain and maximizing rider comfort. In sunny situations, the tip of the visor can be extended with a quick pull on its adjustable end. The Aventuro Carbon has been sculpted to cut through the wind with less turbulence and noise for the rider.

3 Modes - No Tools
Like a Transformer, the Aventuro Carbon helmet can be converted between street, dual-sport, and off-road modes on the fly with no tools. The visor can be removed for a long ride on the tarmac and installed quickly for a few days of riding adventurous roads in the mountains. The shield can also be removed completely to accommodate goggles for dusty riding or full-blown, off-road racing. Whether it's a street bike day, adventure ride or single-track weekend in the woods, the Aventuro Carbon can do it all in light-weight comfort while providing the highest levels of protection.

No Fogging
Whether it’s from the driving rain or the difficult terrain has you steaming - a fogged lens is bad news. Touratech has eliminated this problem by including a Pin-Lock shield and clear Pin-Lock insert with each Aventuro Helmet. Just like ski goggles, the Pin-Lock shield and insert creates a double lens that dramatically reduces the chances of a fogged lens. Some helmet manufacturers sell Pin-Lock as an add-on, Touratech includes it.

Key features:
-Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber for increased rider comfort
-No-drag airflow visor reduces wind grab and strain on neck & body
-Transforms between street, dual-sport, and dirt configurations with no tools
-Easy-open, easy-close vents designed to keep rain out
-Pin-Lock ready shield included
-Pin-Lock insert included (Clear)
-Intercom system ready, with speaker cavities
-Ergo padding system
-Washable, hypo-allergenic, Coolmax lining
-Emergency cheek pad removal system
-Liner cut away to accommodate glasses
-Designed for goggles with quick-strap ready embossments and strap-lock shape
-Includes action camera mount surfaces for top and both sides
-Extra long chin strap allows removal of helmet without completely unfastening 2DD buckle
-Exceeds all DOT and ECE 2205 standards for helmet safety
-Weight: Small 3.00LBS (1363g), Medium 3.03LBS (1375g), Large 3.22LBS (1463g), XL 3.26LBS (1483g), XXL 3.28LBS (1488g)

Dimensional weight listed

Touratech Aventuro Carbon Rallye Helmet
Produced by Touratech of Germany