ZTechnik R1200GS|ADV LeverAction Kit


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ZTechnik adds a new twist to a familiar design.

The windshield experts introduce LeverAction, a trick replacement kit that obsoletes the knob-and-nut hardware on the R1200GS/Adv windscreen.

ZTechnik wants to enhance every mile you spend on your R1200GS and Adventure by making your equipment work easier with enhanced functionality. To that end, ZTechnik developed LeverAction, a slick looking, injection molded lever that replaces the chunky rake adjustment knobs.

LeverAction combines the shaft and nut of the traditional windscreen adjustment hardware into a one-piece design, eliminating the possibility of nuts getting loose and falling into your motorcycle. A quick flip of the lever is all it takes to disengage the windscreen -- within seconds you will have your screen in its new position and be back on the road!

ZTechnik's LeverAction Kit works great with both BMW® and ZTechnik windscreens (except Z2243 on the GS) and is made of nylon plastic and stainless steel for long lasting durability and high-tech good looks.

ZTechnik R1200GS|ADV LeverAction Kit
Produced by Z Technik of USA