ABUS Element 285 Disc Lock

ABUS Security Tech

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Locking made easy: The ABUS Element 285 Brake Disc Lock combines safety and comfort in the simplest possible way.

The integrated push-down cylinder ensures that the 5mm specially hardened steel bolt automatically locks into place when closed. This means your scooter is secured in just one movement.
ABUS has also designed this brake disc lock with user-friendliness in mind. The memory cable included will remind you if your scooter is still secured with the Element 285 before you pull away. And if you ever lose the key to your Element 285, don’t worry: A second key is included with the lock.

-13⁄64" locking bolt
-Very easy to use thanks to the push-down cylinder which automatically locks the bolt into place when closed
-The bolt is made of specially hardened steel
-Two keys are included in the scope of delivery
-A memory cable which is included with the lock serves as a reminder to prevent accidental pulling away when the motorbike is still secured
-A transport bag is included in the scope of delivery

ABUS Element 285 Disc Lock
Produced by ABUS of Germany