Accu-Gage Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge with Protective Cover

GH Meiser/Accu-gage

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Maintain accurate motorcycle tire pressure with our ultra-precise analog gauge. Accugage is the most reliable pressure gauge we've found, with a brass-geared movement, flexible 11" hose, and a 90 degree chuck (not shown) for hard-to-reach tire valves.

-Polished brass bezel, stem and pressure release valve assembly. Needle holds pressure reading until released. Push-button valve bleeds air to desired pressure.
-Flexible 11-inch hose between gauge and chuck for hard to reach tire valves
-Includes protective rubber boot
-Accurate to +/- 1.2 psi from 15 to 45 psi and is calibrated to ± 1 psi at 30 psi
-Lifetime Warranty

Accu-Gage Air Pressure Gauge w/11" Hose & Protective Cover
Produced by GH Meiser/Accu-Gage of USA
Distributed in North America by Sierra BMW