AeroFlow C650GT Aeroscreen


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The AeroFlow Solution
The AeroScreen has several notable features incorporated into the design that contribute to its performance. Flares at the top and sides expand the envelope of protection for solo or 2-up riding and relieves back pressure. A larger air intake offers improved laminar airflow and reduces turbulence. Compound curves coupled with the flares and the larger air intake lip at the bottom combine allowing maximum coverage without looking through the screen. Utilizes stock windscreen mounting locations and stock mounting screws. Retains stock adjustability. Made from impact modified acrylic which is similar in strength to polycarbonate but lighter and doesn't require hardening.

Compared to the stock BMW screen the AeroScreen's surface and perimeter shapes are a smooth, aerodynamic shape with no abrupt changes in contours. The top edge of both AeroScreens has been pushed back, closer to the driver, and is gently flared at the top directing airflow over the driver's helmet while allowing visibility over the screens.

To provide better helmet and shoulder protection the Aeroscreens are wider and rounded at the top, as opposed to the GT screen's "V" shape which is wider at the top/sides and shorter in the center of the screen.

The mounting hole locations of our screens also make them sit higher than stock and though our Standard height screen is virtually the same length as the BMW stock, it sits roughly 3" taller than stock when mounted on the bike. Though physically only 1" longer than the Standard, the Tall AeroScreen sits roughly 5-1/2" higher than stock and has more flare at the top.

Both AeroScreens offer better upper body and helmet protection than stock for both driver and passenger.

Height Recommendations:
Standard height for riders up to 5'10", Tall height for 6'0" and up. AeroScreens available in clear only.

Dimensional weight listed

AeroFlow C650GT Aeroscreen
Produced by AeroFlow of USA