AeroFlow F800GS|F700GS|F650GS2 AeroScreen


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Our new Touring Screens for the 09-on F650GS, F700GS, and 08-12 F800GS are designed for maximum driver protection and have been thoroughly in-house, and Beta-Tested, to ensure you of the best possible screen for F650GS and F800GS riders.

Because the new GS's have no frame to support a half-fairing, we've designed an AeroScreen and additional deflectors to create the best possible protection for F/GS owners.

4 months of prototyping and in-house testing went into development of the product before it went out for another 3 months of extensive Beta-Testing. In the course of Beta-Testing, feed-back from testers helped us refine the design, resulting in a marked improvement in screen protection.

Our Touring Screens are designed to provide maximum protection with smooth over-the-helmet airflow. They're contoured to provide clearance for handle-bars and hand-gards so we can make them wider than BMW, or other aftermarket screens (better body protection). The Screens also have an air-intake molded in to eliminate back-pressure and provide airflow behind the screen. Touring Screens also come complete with a Laminar-Flow-Plate, to attach airflow to the back of the screen, and rugged, powder-coated Support Brackets to hold the screen securely, reduce stress to the stock brackets, and prevent windscreen flutter and turbulence.

The combination of the screen's air-intake with the Laminar-Flow-Plate creates a smooth flow of air that travels much higher than screens without this design. Thus allowing the driver to look well over the top of the screen and have air over top of the helmet.

Laminar-Flow-Plate: reattaches airflow to the back of the screen for smooth over-the-helmet airflow. Laminar Flow Plate painted gray for photography, production Plates will be Clear.

Support Brackets and all Mounting Hardware: 1. Stabilizes the screen/holds it securely. 2. Keeps the screen from fluttering in heavy winds or at higher speeds (most of the taller aftermarket screens actually oscillate through an arc of a couple of inches at the top). Wind off of an oscillating screen will hit your helmet intermittently and feels like turbulence. 3. Ensures that the original screen's mounting brackets will not become stress fatigued. 4. Silver powder-coat finish.

Size recommendation - 5 sizes to choose from with the following measurements corresponding to the photo
Short A=13 1/4" B=6 1/8" (Rider height up to 5'4", Lowered bike & low seat)
Standard A=15 1/8" B=7" (Rider height up to 5'6", With stock seat)
Medium A=16 5/8" B=8 1/4" (Rider height up to 5'10", With stock seat)
Tall A=18" B=8 1/4" (Rider height up to 6'1", With stock seat)
Extra Tall A=19 3/8" B=9 1/4" (Rider height 6'2" and taller)

Note: Customer height and inseam, plus seat heights effect suitability of screen to rider. Please consider these factors when ordering. Drivers with the Rally seat, we recommend you get the next taller screen. Drivers with short seats, we recommend you drop down a screen height.

Made from impact modified acrylic which is similar in strength to polycarbonate but lighter and doesn't require hardening.

Dimensional weight listed

AeroFlow F800GS|F700GS|F650GS2 AeroScreen
Produced by Aeroflow of USA