AeroFlow K1300GT|K1200GT2 AeroScreen System


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AeroFlow Protection
Our goal is to provide you a screen that eliminates turbulence, buffeting and back-pressure. Through extensive testing and product design, we are proud to offer the K1200/1300GT AeroScreen.

Specs don't tell the whole story
AeroScreens provide smooth over the helmet airflow at a much lower setting than either of the BMW screens. Providing better protection while looking over the screen. Made from impact modified acrylic which is similar in strength to polycarbonate but lighter and doesn't require hardening.

2 AeroScreen heights available - Standard & Tall
The best way to determine the correct height is to measure the heights available and go with the tallest one you can easily/comfortably see over.
Standard height (18.75" tall vertically) for drivers to 5'10"
Tall height (20.625" tall vertically) for drivers up to 6'6" (pictured)

Includes Smoke "Laminar Flow Plate"
The Laminar Flow Plate replaces the stock BMW deflector at the top of the dash & is a key ingredient to making the screen work. Once the AeroScreen is lifted approximately 1", air flows under the AeroScreen and up the dash. The Laminar Flow Plate controls this airflow and attaches it to the backside of the AeroScreen. The airflow then follows the AeroScreens contours to the top of the AeroScreen where it merges with the airflow from the front. This combined airflow smoothes out the air leaving the top of the screen, which, in turn, is pushed up and over the driver and passenger.

"Definitely the best protection out there" according to one Sierra customer who has tried a few different brands.

Dimensional weight listed

AeroFlow K1300GT|K1200GT2 AeroScreen System
Produced by Aeroflow of USA