AeroFlow K1600B AeroScreen


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K1600B AeroScreen: K1600B AeroScreens provide over-the-helmet airflow when the top of the screen is lifted to nose level. We've created a more aerodynamically efficient shape by smoothing out the surface contours and perimeter shape. This allows smooth, clean air to flow off the screen while directing it out and away from driver and passenger. Made from impact modified acrylic which is similar in strength to polycarbonate but lighter and doesn't require hardening.

Taller than stock: Unlike the stock screen, the tallest point of the AeroScreen is in the center to provide protection to the tallest part of the riders body, the helmet. A gentle flare at the top directs smooth airflow up and over the driver and passenger's helmets while the driver looks over the screen.

Wider than stock: By making the widest portion of our screens 5" lower than stock, we've decreased the amount of air that sweeps around the screen as it's raised. The AeroScreens smooth surfaces are angled out at the sides which also helps direct the airflow out and away from both driver and passenger. The increased side protection and the overall aerodynamic shape allows the AeroScreen to be run at much lower screen settings.

AeroFlow Sport AeroScreen (stock 15" to top center, 20 1/2") width at widest point
Standard 15 3/4" overall length, 19 1/2" width at widest point
Medium 17 1/4" overall length, 19 1/4" width at widest point
Tall 18 3/4" overall length, 18 1/2" width at widest point
Extra Tall 20 1/4" overall length, 18 1/4" width at widest point

General Screen height recommendations:
AeroFlow Standard-Drivers to 5'-10" (low seat), Drivers to 5'-7" (standard seat)
AeroFlow Medium-Drivers to 6'-1" (low seat), Drivers to 5'-10" (standard seat)
AeroFlow Tall-Drivers to 6'-3" (low seat), Drivers to 6-1" (standard seat)
AeroFlow Extra Tall-Drivers to 6'-6" (low seat), Drivers to 6'-4" (standard seat)
AeroFlow XX-Tall-Drivers to 6'-7" (low seat), Drivers to 6'-4" and over (standard seat)

Factors Involved in Choosing Correct Screen Height:
4-AeroScreens to choose from.
-Driver's height, weight, inseam, seat and use of handle-bar risers all effect your AeroScreen height choice, i.e. drivers of the same height may require different screens.
-Screens must be lifted approximately 1" to relieve low pressure behind screen.
-AeroScreens are designed to provide Over-Helmet-Airflow while the top edge is at nose to lip level.
-Pick the Tallest screen you can easily see over when it's lifted about an inch from full-down.
-Safety Consideration; With bike off centerstand and screen Full-Down, you should be able to look over it and see the pavement a car length in front of you.

A big factor that we can't account for is the type of protection a person is used to and is comfortable with. Providing your passenger with better protection may also make the next taller screen height a better option as long as you can see the road easily when the screen is full down.

CRITICAL:​ K1600B Dark Smoke Screens should not be used when night driving or in other low light/visablity conditions, such as heavy rain or fog where you won't be able to see through the screen. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT ride at night with one of the Smoke screens unless you can see over the screen to the pavement at least 20 feet in front of you when the screen is in the full down position.

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AeroFlow K1600B AeroScreen
Produced by Aeroflow of USA