AeroFlow K1600GT AeroScreen


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GT AeroScreen Design Objective
Create optimum screen protection at lower, more aerodynamic settings while eliminating turbulence and back-pressure.

The AeroFlow Solution
To achieve this we first redesigned the screens' perimeter shape and curves to create a smooth, aerodynamic shape which allows air to flow cleanly off the screen. Then we made the screen's operating angle shallower/pushed the screen back, closer to the driver. This, along with the fact that we've lowered the screen's widest point nearly 3" below stock or others, allows the screen to be run at lower screen settings with increased protection. The slightly flared top kicks smooth air up and over the helmet while allowing the driver to see over the screen. AeroScreens provide better passenger protection at lower settings than either the stock, or other manufacturers, screens. However, our screens may need to be raised above driver eyesight to provide protection for your passenger. An additional benefit of AeroScreens being more aerodynamically efficient than other screens comes in the form of improved gas economy. Just makes sense; less height, smoother shape, better gas mileage. Made from impact modified acrylic which is similar in strength to polycarbonate but lighter and doesn't require hardening.

Height Recommendations:
Basic Guidelines below. Recommendation can change if you have a short or long torso, aftermarket seat or handlebar risers.
Standard height: Drivers to 5'-5"
Medium height: Drivers to 5'-11"
Tall height: Drivers to 6'-3"
X-Tall height: Drivers 6'-4" and taller

Dimensional weight listed, will fit all K1600 machines.

AeroFlow K1600GT AeroScreen
Produced by AeroFlow of USA