AeroFlow K1600GTL AeroScreen


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AeroFlow announces the K1600GTL AeroScreen! We are proud to announce the release of our long awaited K1600GTL AeroScreen. Through extensive testing and prototyping we've designed a screen that offers solo riders over-the-helmet protection without looking through the screen. Made from impact modified acrylic which is similar in strength to polycarbonate but lighter and doesn't require hardening.

GTL AeroScreen Design Objective:
1. Create a more aerodynamically efficient windscreen that allows solo-drivers to see over the screen while providing over-the-helmet airflow.
2. Create a screen that provides better passenger protection while running the screen at lower heights than stock, or other manufacturers' screen.

-Efficient Aerodynamic Design - Lower profile/AeroDynamic shape
-Solo Driver able to see over screen while airflow over helmet - Screen not lifted as high to provide better passenger protection
-Better protection at lower settings = Better Gas Mileage

AeroFlow GTL Solution
AeroScreens provide better passenger protection at lower settings than either the stock, or other manufacturers, screens. However, our screens still need to be raised above driver eyesight to provide the passenger full protection. An additional benefit of AeroScreens being more aerodynamically efficient than other screens comes in the form of improved gas economy. Just makes sense; less height, smoother shape, better gas mileage. Though our stock screen is the same "length" as a factory screen, and the Tall is only 2" longer, they both sit lower and at a shallower angle than stock when in the full down position. Their efficient shape allows solo drivers (Std. up to 5'-11"; Tall for drivers 6'-0" and taller) to see over the top while smooth air flows over the helmet.

Design and Development background:
Early in our K1600 AeroScreen development process we found that BMW created different screens for the GT and GTL for a reason. Different driver/passenger ergonomics of the two bikes necessitate different screen shapes to provide driver/passenger protection. Also, due to the different "mission" of each bike, BMW probably figured the GTL would be used 2-up more often than would the GT. In swapping stock GTL and GT screens on the bike and testing solo and 2-up we found that the GTL screen does not work well on the GT and, though the GT screen improves the ability of a GTL driver to see over the center of the screen, it does not improve coverage for the passenger nor does it provide the kind of protection for the driver that we were hoping to achieve. Due to the fact that GTL pre-orders outnumbered GT's by more than 6-to-1 we concentrated our initial design efforts on the GTL.

One of each available for test rides! If you're in the area and thinking about a windshield, come by and take one of these out for a couple hours!

Note: AeroFlow recommends the K1600GT/L Hybrid AeroScreen as it's more effective, particularly for seeing over the windshield. Dimensional weight listed, will fit all K1600 machines.

AeroFlow K1600GTL AeroScreen
Produced by AeroFlow of USA