AeroFlow R1200GS|R1200ADV HLC Headlight Cover


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The Aeroflow headlight guard is made from strong Implex. It protects the headlight from both small and large road debris, and will not obstruct your headlights light output ability. It installs with heavy duty Dual Lock that can be removed to clean the headlight itself.

Protect your expensive headlight assembly from rock and stone damage. The average cost to replace a broken headlight assembly is well over $200! Don't be left in the dark, get your HLC today! HLC's attach with Dual-Lok, providing a strong secure hold (you can choose to add extras below).

Fits: R1200GS 2005-2012, R1200GS Adv 2006-2013

AeroFlow R1200GS|R1200ADV HLC Headlight Cover
Produced by Aeroflow of USA