AeroFlow R1200RS WC (16-) HLC Headlight Cover


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HeadLight Covers are designed to absorb as much impact energy as possible protecting the expensive headlight from stones and road debris that would normally break or crack your headlight.

The covers conform nicely to the headlights and are designed to protect not only the face of the headlights but also protect all the edges that are susceptible to damage caused by larger rocks and road debris being kicked up by vehicles. As with all our HLC's, they're made from "Impact Modified Acrylic" which is 6-times stronger than Non-Modified cast acrylic and 8-times more impact resistant than other extruded acrylics.

Our covers attach with 3-M® Dual-Lock (T.M.) which space it 5/32" away from the headlight which allows the HLC to compress/absorb energy before it can be transmitted to, and damage, the headlight. The HLC's compound curves also add strength, resist compression, and absorb/dissipate impact energy. The HLC also prevents the headlight from becoming pitted and scratched by sand and other debris.

We call them "Good Insurance" for your expensive headlight assembly.

AeroFlow R1200RS WC (16-) HLC Headlight Cover
Produced by Aeroflow of USA