AeroFlow R1250RT (19-20)|R1200RT WC (14-) HLC Headlight Cover


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As usual, we not only design the best driver and passenger protection available, but we also design HeadLight Covers that provide the best headlight assembly protection available.

Made from Impact Modified Acrylic, that's 6 to 8 times more impact resistant than other covers, our HLC's protect the front of your headlight from pitting caused by sand and damage from impact by stones, rocks and road debris.

HeadLight Covers attach with Dual-Lok, which creates a nearly 3/16" gap between the headlight and our cover, that space allows our Impact Modified Acrylic to compress, and absorb most impact without coming in contact and hitting the headlight. The gap also allows airflow over the headlight which allows heat to dissipate. Dual-Lok fasteners also allow for quick and easy removal for cleaning.

Protect your expensive headlight assembly from rock and stone damage. The cost to replace a broken headlight assembly is over $1,000! Don't be left in the dark, get your HLC today!

Dimensional weight listed, fits 2014-2020 R1250RT/R1200RT WC.

AeroFlow R1250RT (2019-2020)|R1200RT WC (14-on) HLC Headlight Cover
Produced by Aeroflow of USA