AeroFlow R1250RT (19-20)|R1200RT WC (14-) Sport AeroScreen


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New R1200RT & R1250RT Sport AeroScreens!
We've received many requests for a RT Sport AeroScreen. Due to popular demand, we've designed a sharp looking screen that is perfect for day rides, commuting or a day in the twisties.

AeroFlow Design:
R1200RT & R1250RT Sport AeroScreens provide smooth, turbulence-free airflow. Designed to block air that hits your torso while leaving your helmet in clean air. Fits R1250RT & '14-'18 R1200RT models. Available in Clear or Smoke.

Tested by riders from 5'5" to 6'+
Beta testers found they were able to drive with their faceshields open up to 45mph and were able to keep their faceshields partially open at freeway speeds. The screen doesn't have a flared top so it can be lifted to full height without creating any turbulence.

With the screen raised to full height, our 5'5" tester was able to see over the top. Our 6'+ testers, experienced clean, calm air even though the top edge of the Sport screen only came to chin level.

One of the R1250RT owners is 6'-1" tall and says his smoke AeroScreen not only looks good but he's using it around town and on longer day rides and, will definitely ride with it in the summer months. However, for more protection and comfort on his longer trips and BMW rally rides he says he'll swap it out with his Touring AeroScreen.

AeroScreen Dimensions:
18" long in middle and 24" at the widest point.

Dimensional weight listed

AeroFlow R1250RT (2019-2020)|R1200RT WC (14-on) Sport AeroScreen
Produced by AeroFlow of USA