AltRider R1200GS|ADV Skid Plate


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Kicked-up debris can endanger your BMW engine, but the AltRider skid plate for the R1200GS has it covered.

Made of sturdy 4.75 mm anodized aluminum, the AltRider skid plate features a corrugated design that multiplies its strength. The 1 3/8 inch radii flanges mirror the profile of the headers, which creates a unique shape that tightly conforms to the underside of the bike.

Close turns, brush, and other off road dangers won’t pose a threat to your vulnerable header pipes, because this product gives them substantial coverage. And when the front wheel spits back rocks and dirt, the AltRider skid plate will protect your headers and cross pipe.

-Easy installation
-Fits all R1200GS models
-Fits with Akrapovic full exhaust system shotgun style
-Note: Not currently compatible with Remus or Two Brothers header.
-Available in Silver or Black

Note: AltRider products cannot be shipped to Canadian addresses.

AltRider R1200GS|ADV Skid Plate
Produced by AltRider of USA