Arai SAI Pro Shade System


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Introducing the Arai Pro Shade System accessory. Replacing the stock shield on any Arai helmet that uses the SAI-type shield, the Pro Shade System reduces excess ambient light in both the down and up positions. And in the up position, it can reduce sudden glare with just a subtle dip of your head - so you don't have to take your hands off the bars. Provides shade and reduces glare in addition to acting as a peak. Brings comfort to everyday commutes and long touring rides.

The new Arai Pro Shade system replaces the face shield of any of our current full-face helmets that use the SAI-type shield. When raised, the shield works like a peak, and minimizes glare when the sun is higher in the sky. Lowering the shield reduces the amount of light entering the helmet, particularly beneficial when the sun is lower in the sky. The shield can be quickly and easily raised and lowered by the rider depending upon riding conditions. The movable portion of the shield is designed to break away easily in the event of an impact, and does not compromise the energy management capability engineered into the helmet shell. Why limit yourself by choosing a helmet brand with only one feature, when you can add the Pro Shade System to any of these Arai helmets and get additional benefits you didn’t even realize you needed- until now!

The Pro Shade System not only offers a quick, convenient shade to block ambient light, but also the benefit of an aerodynamic peak to block sudden bursts of light when cresting a hill, rounding a canyon bend or exiting a tunnel with just a subtle dip of your head allowing your hands to stay right where they need to be.

Fits Defiant, Corsair V, RX-Q, Signet Q and Vector 2 helmets.

Arai SAI Pro Shade System
Produced by Arai of Japan