SW-Motech GPS/PDA Bracket for Motorcycles


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SW-Motech metal bracket for Quick-Lock tankbags. Garmin GPS holders that are compatible with RAM-B-238 balls, as well as the TomTom Rider, can be mounted directly to this metal bracket. Can also be used with Bags-Connection's add-on Navi Case Pro to hold many other small electronics.

Fits the following Quick-Lock Tankbags:
Engage XL
Engage Sport

The following RAM-Mounts can be directly attached to this bracket without any additional hardware:
RAM-HOL-GA5U for Garmin E-Trex
RAM-HOL-GA6U for Garmin GPS 76
RAM-HOL-GA7U for Garmin GPS 176
RAM-HOL-GA9U for Garmin 2600 & 2700 series GPS
RAM-HOL-GA12U for Garmin GPSMAP 60C
RAM-HOL-GA15U for Garmin Quest
RAM-HOL-GA2U for Garmin II & III series GPS

Any other RAM-B-238-compatible adapter can also be directly attached to this Bags-Connection metal bracket.

SW-Motech GPS/PDA Bracket
Produced by SW-Motech of Germany