BMW F800GS|F700GS|F650GS2 Rallye Seat


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Uncompromising BMW Rallye Seat with very high-quality appearance. Height of seat and seat hardness are significantly increased verses the standard saddle. Although the seat is higher the leaner silhouette and the slightly longer seated-arc length mean that ground clearance is acceptable for an off road rider. Perfectly matched to the design of the F800GS, F700GS and F650GS2.

Color: Two-tone, black and grey.
Seat Height: 920 mm on F800GS; 30 mm taller than OEM Standard Seat; 60 mm taller than OEM Low Seat
Seated-arc length: 1990 mm on F800GS

Dimensional weight is listed

BMW F800GS|F700GS|F650GS2 Rallye Seat
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