BMW Motorcycles HydroSock Functional Socks


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Warm, dry feet all the time - even if the wearer's boots are not waterproof.

Suitable for wearing with the BMW Motorrad Rallye GS boots and all other non-waterproof boots. (Note: HydroSock functional long socks are slightly thicker than normal functional socks. Consequently, boots might feel slightly tighter when worn with these socks.)

-Waterproof functional socks, long.
-Ideal for wearing along with non-waterproof (enduro) boots in rainy weather or in wet terrain.
-Outer material: Highly elastic blend of functional bamboo fiber, polyester and Spandex.
-Liner made of functional, natural bamboo fiber, warming, odor-neutralizing and moisture-regulating.
-Windproof, waterproof and with the breathability of the C.A.R.E. Climate membrane.
-Worked as a 3-layer laminate.
-Seamless bonding: Special bonding and welding technique, no seams for excellent wear comfort and close fit with no pressure zones or lines.
-Double-welded cut edges with black tapes sealed inside and outside.
-Soles made of extra-strength fabric, providing insulation against cold from below.
-4-Way-Stretch – elastic in the fabric and at the stitching.
-Very pleasant feel.
-Anti-odor treatment prevents the formation of unpleasant odors.

BMW Motorcycles HydroSock Functional Socks
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