BMW Motorcycles Multi-Purpose Tool


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Multifunctional Swiss tool features:
-needle nose pliers
-screwdriver 2 mm
-screwdriver 3 mm
-screwdriver 5 mm
-screwdriver 6 mm
-wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRc
-cap lifter
-crate opener (large staple lifter)
-2 1/2" blade
-metal file
-metal saw
-reamer and punch
-Phillips screwdriver
-chisel /scraper
-cable cover cutter lengthwise
-wire stripper and scraper
-cable cover cutter circular
-can opener
-leather pouch w/belt loop
-hard wire cutter
-lock release
-hex bit wrench
-bit Hex 3
-bit Hex 4
-bit Phillips 0
-bit Phillips 3
-bit Torx 10
-bit Torx 15
-space for 4 additional bits

BMW Motorrad Multi-Purpose Tool
Produced by Victorinox of Switzerland for BMW
BMW Original Parts