BMW Motorcycles Multifunction Tool


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Always be prepared with the BMW Motorrad multi-tool. This handy little helper should be part of every motorcyclist's tool kit – regardless if on the road or home. The multi-tool offers many application possibilities in a minimum of space.

The company Victorinox (co-branding on large blade), based in Switzerland, is particularly well known as the manufacturer of the famous Swiss Army Knives. Known worldwide for high-class premium quality. Today the product portfolio of the company, founded in 1884, includes kitchen knives, watches, luggage and perfumes.

-40 functions, locking blades, including reversible ratchet with bit extension and 9 bit sockets
-Allows simple care and maintenance work as well as ergonomic adjustments on the motorcycle
-Extremely versatile and not only restricted to motorcycles
-Premium-quality tool and housing made of stainless steel
-BMW Motorrad embossed on handle
-Includes a practical, black leather pouch with BMW logo
-Dimensions (L/H): 4.5 in. /1.8 in.
-Weight: 13 oz.
-Locking blades: special mechanism prevents blades from folding in
-Loop at the rear of the leather pouch enables attachment to a belt (up to a width of 2.1 in.)
-Great gift idea for the BMW Motorrad enthusiast

Multi-tool with the following functions:
1. Reamer and punch
2. Flat head screwdriver 2 mm
3. Flat head screwdriver 3 mm
4. Can opener
5. Phillips screwdriver # 1
6. Phillips screwdriver # 2
7. Scissors
8. Metal saw
9. Metal file
10. Lanyard hole
11. Clutch for corkscrew
12. Wood saw
13. Large blade, normal and serrated
14. Cable sheath cross cutter
15. Longitudinal cable sheath cutter
16. Wood chisel/7 mm scraper
17. Wire stripper and scraper
18. Wire bender
19. Bottle opener
20. Screwdriver 6 mm
21. Crate opener
22. Multi purpose hooks
23. Combi long-nose pliers
24. Wire cutter for thin, soft wire
25. Hard wire cutter
26. Lock release

Additional components separately in the pouch:
27. – 36. Bit retainer with 9 bit sockets: Torx 45/40/30/25/15, Phillips # 3, hexagon socket, AF 6/4 mm and 1 empty slot for 1 additional bit socket
37. 1/4 inch drive reversible ratchet
38. Extension
39. Mini-drill 1.5 mm
40. Corkscrew

BMW Motorcycles Multifunction Tool
BMW Motorrad Original Parts by Victorinox