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BMW Motorcycles Navigator Adventure GPS by Garmin


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BMW Motorrad now offers the new Navigator Adventure alongside the very popular NAV V as an additional choice for BMW Motorrad riders, particularly for those who frequently take their bikes off-road and enjoy the adventure lifestyle.

-Universal, versatile GPS navigation system
-For use on and off the road, hiking and on the water
-Road maps of North America preinstalled
-Lifetime free map updates (up to 4 times a year via Garmin website)
-4“ touchscreen with automatic and selectable orientation (portrait or landscape)
-Robust, waterproof and fuel resistant housing

With more outdoors oriented software and an extended battery power mode, the Navigator Adventure is ideal for dual purpose riding and also for other related activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and boating.

The new Navigator Adventure can be used on all BMW models (except machines with the factory GPS prep kit) as an alternative to the Navigator IV. The same vehicle-specific brackets or holders for the NAV IV are required to mount the Adventure.

-Including Mount Cradle for secure mounting on the motorcycle - Vehicle-specific bracket must be ordered separately.
-Unique dual battery system: Use either the lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack or conventional AA batteries with a useful life of 16 to 22 hours.
-GPS fix is quick and accurate, even between high-rise buildings, in dense forests or in deep gorges.
-Log all data (waypoints, tracks, geocaches) in the calendar, activities can be retraced later on.
-MicroSD card slot for loading additional map data, for example topographic maps for hiking.
-Compatible with custom maps
--Generate own map data from paper or electronic maps for uploading to the navigation system.
--Precision geo-referencing and optimum viewing on the navigation system.
-User-friendly, customizable menu structure:
--Preset (changeable) configuration profile for motorcycling.
--Main menu customizable by access frequency with up to 16 elements from "Destination entry", "Settings" and "Shortcut commands" (quick access without changing from one screen to another).
--Create own shortcut commands for customer, optimized usage.
-Automatic change between daytime and night-time viewing modes, good screen contrast even in sunny conditions.
-Integrated, electronic 3-axis compass with tilt correction and barometric altimeter, important functions for outdoor activities.
-Support for GPX files for Geocaching:
--Transfer files directly to the Navigator, e.g. from the http://Geocaching.com website.
--Important information for locating a geocache (including position, terrain and degree of difficulty and notes and descriptions) can be read directly from the display.

Contents of BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure kit
-BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure, including preinstalled map data for North America
-nüMaps Lifetime (free map updates for entire lifespan of the device)
-Mount Cradle, including 12-V connecting cable for connection to the motorcycle OA socket
-Anti-reflective protective film for the display screen (qty 3)
-Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack
-USB cable
-Quick-start instruction
-Garmin ISPI brochure (Important Safety and Product Information)

*Motorcycle-specific mounts are not included in the kit just as with NAV IV.

Optional car kit (choose below) includes:
-"Bean bag" and mount
-Power lead with cigarette lighter plug

Warranty coverage is 5 years and administered directly by Garmin Support.

BMW Motorrad Navigator Adventure GPS by Garmin
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