2021 BMW Motorcycles Navigator VI GPS by Garmin - Version 7


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Version 7 - new for 2021! It is not just touring enthusiasts who will find all they need in the Navigator VI. The system turns route planning into child's play and offers a number of additional functions that make every tour an experience. The five-inch touchscreen is waterproof, is easy to read, even in direct sunlight, and provides the necessary overview.

The Navigator VI does much more than just tell you the way, allowing you to experience magical biking tours. Its large 5-inch touchscreen is the way to boundless riding pleasure. The display's circular polarisation filter (CPOL) minimizes reflections and improves contrast, thereby ensuring optimal readability even during direct sunlight. In this way you can maintain an overview at all times. The optional private vehicle assembly kit also enables multifunctional operation. In addition, the pioneering trip technology precisely determines the right way. The optional Smartphone link for real-time traffic information and up-to-date weather reports keeps you fully posted at all times.

Discover new routes
Bikers are known for having heads of their own. The route planning software BaseCamp therefore allows you to compile routes that are customized and highly detailed. A trip can be divided into as many as 30 routes. Each segment in turn consists of up to 125 shaping points, thereby offering virtually endless personalization options. Or do you prefer to just hit the road? The "Winding roads" option, the new "Avoid major country roads" feature and the "Round Trip" function for round trips by time, distance or stop-off points will enable you to experience entirely new worlds.

"Turn left at the cathedral." Advanced TTS navigation prompts use the sort of statements your pillion passenger might make, meaning you will never lose your way. This precise description of the environment uses traffic lights, road signs and even buildings as points of reference.

Music to your ears
When it comes to music for your trips, you're your own DJ. Thanks to Bluetooth technology and our new "Music Streaming" feature, you can listen to the tracks saved on your smartphone. Become your own film director, controlling compatible "Action Cams" directly from your navigator.

Option: "Avoid major country roads"
Allows automatic avoidance of highways during route calculation and recalculation. Combined with the existing motorway avoidance feature, roads can be selected that are even better suited to biking
Can be combined with different route options, e.g. "winding road" to offer a unique experience

Round trip
Enables a route to be created with an identical start and finish and a specified duration, a certain time or a specific stop-off point
Any combination of route options and avoidance strategies

Music streaming via smartphone
Enables you to listen to music saved on a smartphone via the Navigator VI
Music playback via smartphone is started and stopped via Navigator VI
Playback of tracks with Android smartphones in the sequence on the smartphone, with iOS playback of smartphone playlists is also possible

More highlights:
Even brighter with optimal legibility thanks to the circular polarization filter display, even during direct sunlight
Water-tight in accordance with IPX7 and petrol-resistant
Improved "Winding roads" route option for avoidance of built-up areas wherever possible
Pre-installed map data for Europe or North America
Free map updates for the entire service life for pre-installed maps
16 GB internal Flash memory
Micro-SD card slot for SDXC cards up to 64 GB
Optimised for the BMW Motorrad communication system for listening to navigation prompts, making calls or listening to music
Optional Smartphone Link App for real-time traffic and weather updates
Lane assist with photorealistic junction views
Improved route planning and guidance: new trip technology with via and shaping points enables longer and more detailed motorcycle tours to be compiled
TTS navigation announcements partly with natural guidance (precise surroundings description)
A navigation system preparation is available ex works for some BMW Motorrad models. An additional vehicle bracket with a four-button mount cradle is available for a host of further models. For more information contact your authorised BMW Motorrad dealership
All holders for the Navigator V can also be used for the Navigator VI without exception

BMW Motorrad Navigator VI (choose above)
For use with motorcycles that are equipped with Navigation Preparation.
-Navigator VI unit
-Lithium-ion battery
-Micro-USB cable
-Carry bag
-Quick-start guide
-ISPI booklet

BMW Motorrad Navigator VI with Cradle (choose above)
For use with motorcycles that do not offer the Navigation Preparation option.
-Navigator VI unit
-Lithium-ion battery
-Micro-USB cable
-Carry bag
-Quick-start guide
-ISPI booklet
-4-Button-Mount-Cradle for BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Vehicle specific mounting bracket required for retrofit.

Warranty coverage is 3 years and administered directly by Garmin Support.

2021 BMW Motorcycles Navigator VI GPS by Garmin - Version 7
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