BMW R1200 Hexhead Emergency Valve Cover Kit


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This item really works! I've seen it used first-hand on an HP2 off-road trip in Spain! -Lane Swall

Have you ever dropped your bike and cracked open the valve cover?

-The BMW Emergency Valve Cover Kit is great for the Adventure Rider or for anyone that is riding off the beaten path...like riding to Alaska, maybe?
-If your valve cover displays a leak, the rubber hood may be installed to temporarily eliminate the loss and/or contamination of oil.
-The cover is constructed of flexible rubber that stores easily in a jacket pocket or tank bag.

Note: This is an emergency kit allowing a damaged motorcycle to be ridden to safety. This cover should not be used to travel further than 20-25 miles or at speeds greater than 50 mph. Do not start or ride your motorcycle if there is debris in your oil.

BMW R1200 Hexhead Emergency Valve Cover Kit
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