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BMW R1200GS (05-12) Handguard Kit


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Highly functional, two-part hand protector, consisting of hand protector bottom section and small spoiler made of Polyamide PA6, impact-resistant and UV-resistant.

-As well as protecting the rider's hands and the instruments against wind and adverse weather, the hand protector also acts as a deflector for bushes, twigs and flying stones encountered when off-roading.
-The hand protector attaches to the handlebar at the inboard end, not to the handlebar fitting, as in the past. This means that if the motorcycle is dropped the forces are not transmitted to the handlebar fitting.

Please choose 2005-2007 or 2008-on. Fits R1200GS 2005-2012, original equipment on Adventure.

BMW R1200GS (05-12) Handguard Kit
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