BMW Motorcycles S1000RR (10-14)|HP4 Tinted Windshield


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Tinted windows on your car? Don't let your favorite ride down, show it some love too! We wouldn't want to have any accidents in the garage late at night. You know what they say about a lover scorned, and you love your bike more than anything else, right?

Don't worry, we won't tell your spouse.

Like the standard windscreen, all 3 optional versions have aerodynamically optimized slits to minimize upper-body and helmet buffeting at very high speeds (patented by BMW): 4 slits (2 on each side, one at the top and one at the bottom).

Shape identical to standard windshield. Degree of tinting matched to motorcycle colour scheme.

Dimensional weight listed

BMW Motorcycles S1000RR (10-14)|HP4 Tinted Windshield
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