Bridgestone Trail Wing TW152 Dual Sport 130/80-17


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Trail Wings are on-off type tires with primal emphasis on on-road performance, making the tires ideal for the customers who ride off-road motorcycles mainly in metropolitan (city) area.. Considerable attention has been paid to the balance of pattern, shape and compound to reduce differences in performance in wet conditions on ordinary roads, even on manholes covers and painted street surfaces.

We have also upgraded the effective pattern design, improved the appearance of wear due to gutters, and reduced steering wobble when riding at speed.Trail Wings keep the off-road appearance but in fact provide excellent on-road performance. The center blocks provide stability in straightway, anti-irregular wear. The edge blocks are carefully designed for fine cornering grip in on and off-road uses.

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Bridgestone Trail Wing TW152 Dual Sport 130/80-17
Produced by Bridgestone of USA