Cruz Tools EconoKIT® M2 Motorcycle Tool Kit

Cruz Tools

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An incredible value for the money - high functionality in a quality, compact pouch at a price well below most replacement OEM tool kits. Wrenches are forged and heat-treated using modern alloys, supplemented by four hex keys, a two-in-one spark plug tool, tire pressure gauge, six-in-one screwdriver that includes an 8mm nut driver, and more.

Kit includes:
10mm combination wrench
12mm combination wrench
8” adjustable wrench
4-piece Allen wrench set
6-in-1 screwdriver
2-in-1 (5/8" & 13/16") spark plug socket
Cable ties
Mechanics wire
Tire pressure gauge
Shop towel

Cruz Tools EconoKIT® M2 Tool Kit
Produced by CruzTOOLS of USA