CVM K1200LT Sport Highway J-Pegs (XL or Standard)

CVM Touring

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Sporty Highway Pegs crafted for specifically for BMW's K1200LT.

Dreaming of highway pegs for your BMW but can only find contraptions better suited to a blue-light special mountain bike?

Well, CVM Touring Accessories is proving dreams do come true!

Quality Design... "J-Pegs" were designed to complement the sleek lines of the BMW K 1200 LT. The swept back shape slices through the air as you fly along the highway then disappear under your tip-over wings when not in use. Your new "J-Pegs" even have a socket milled in to receive that essential logo roundel for a factory finished look.(BMW roundels available only through authorized BMW dealers.)

Solid Engineering... Each peg has a durable black-anodized finish to withstand real use without losing those good looks. Precision milled from billet aluminum to exacting tolerances and individually inspected, the "J-Peg" highway pegs provide the sturdy platform needed to maintain safe and comfortable control. If they weren't deemed good enough to go on the designer's favorite ride, he won't let us sell them to you!

Your "J-Peg" kit comes complete with:
-Easy-to-follow installation instructions
-2 upgraded machined aluminum tip-over bars
-All stainless-steel mounting hardware
-2 black-anodized pegs
-Attachment hardware complete with threadlocker

For more legroom try the all new J-Pegs XL!
"J" Pegs XL were designed to give the rider an additional 6" of leg room! "J" Pegs XL for the K1200LT mount on the included tip-over bar upgrade and fold back underneath to maintain your bikes original design. When the "J" Peg XL is extended out for utilization, the new position sits an additional 6" forward.

This is a small manufacturer and therefore these pieces can be delayed 2-4 weeks at times, sorry.

CVM K1200LT Sport Highway J-Pegs (XL or Standard)
Produced by CVM Touring of USA