CVM R1150|R1100 Sport Highway Elf-Pegs

CVM Touring

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Sporty Highway Pegs crafted for BMW's R1100 and R1150 motorcycles. These highway pegs for your BMW will disappear into the bike's original design lines.

CVM Touring Accessories truly have outdone themselves with the "Elf-Peg" (ELF stands for Elevated Leg Forward).

Quality Design... "Elf-Pegs" were designed to compliment the sleek lines of the BMW R-engine motorcycles. The contoured shape carves through the air as you fly along the highway then disappears over your spark plugs when not in use.

Solid Engineering... Each peg has a durable black-anodized finish to withstand real use.

Please note: This item does not fit R1200C/CL or 2005-on HexHead models. This is a small manufacturer and therefore these pieces can be delayed 2-4 weeks at times, sorry.

CVM R1150|R1100 Sport Highway Elf-Pegs
Produced by CVM Touring of USA