GPR G450X Steering Stabilizer

GPR Stabilizer

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Racers wanted that slim under-bar mount, but did not need to have the remote adjustment, or hoses. This design is the evolution of the GPRV3 without the remote adjustment and hoses. We moved the adjustment dial to the left side and created a dial that was easy to use but as small as possible. This is the result. All machined from billet stock, anodized and laser engraved. An instant hit with the pro off-road racers. Smaller, lighter, faster.

This design has caught the attention of Motocross / Supercross and Supermoto teams for its ability to be mounted below the bars and make virtually no change to the riders position (bars rise about 3/8" on the G450X). Easy to adjust but also tucked out of the way.

Offering an under-bar mount systems by our competitors "standard" steering damper has the problem of raising your bar height as much as 2+ inches. This steering damper is made for mounting under the bars. This was achieved by keeping the damper as slim as possible and the creation of a "hollow" vane. The hollow vane allows for the damper to be mounted almost flush to the top clamp.

You'll find this design on the Motocross / Supercross team of Star Yamaha, Broc Tickle, Factory Kawasakis Off-Road team, Destry Abbott, Ricky Dietrich, The Yamaha's of Russ Pearson. The KTM's of Shane Watts, Robbie Jenks and Mike Lafferty, just to name a few.

Note: Other colors available, please write or call tom@sierrabmw.com or 775-355-0655.

GPR G450X Steering Stabilizer
Produced by GPR Stabilizer of USA