Haynes K100 1983-1992|K75 85-96 Repair Manual


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This Haynes motorcycle repair manual covers:
-BMW K75 1987-1996
-BMW K75C 1985-1988
-BMW K75T 1986-1987
-BMW K75S 1986-1996
-BMW K75RT 1990-1996
-BMW K100 1983-1986
-BMW K100RS 1983-1990
-BMW K100RT 1984-1988
-BMW K100LT 1986-1992

-Also covers K75S Special, K100RS Special, and K100RS Motorsport Limited Edition models

-The 4-valve BMW K100RS, BMW K1, BMW K1100 and BMW K1200 models are not covered in this manual

-Haynes motorcycle repair manuals are the very best guides you can have as you begin working on your motorcycle. Each book was written from practical experience. The editors actually purchase the motorcycle, tear it down and rebuild it while taking notes and photographs to detail the procedures.

-These books contain helpful hints not found in the factory manuals. The descriptions and photos are excellent, allowing you to make repairs easily and with little frustration. Make a Haynes manual the first special tool you buy!

Haynes K100 1983-1992|K75 1985-1996 Repair Manual
Produced by Haynes of United Kingdom