Hornig USB Dual Socket Kit for BMW Motorcycles


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The especially designed USB twin socket (max. 2A + 1A) sets the input voltage from 12V to the 5V USB standard. The housing is weatherproof with IP54, the 1.2 m cable with battery terminals and fuse allows flexible mounting on the handlebars or tubing string with cable ties or is screwed on a dashboard.

-One socket with 2A and another socket with 1A - Waterproof housing IP54
-Flexible mounting with 1.2 m cable
-Fuse and fuse holder included
-Compact twin USB housing
-Universal bracket

Length 65 mm, Width 44 mm, Height 33mm
Cable: 1200 mm
Ring connector: 6 mm

IMPORTANT: When you stop riding the bike your battery can discharge! Use a proper battery charger when you don't ride for a longer time (>14 days).

Hornig USB Dual Socket Kit for BMW Motorcycles
Produced by Hornig of Germany