Ilium Works R1200 Hexhead Highway Peg Kit

Ilium Works

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Ilium Works announces a significant improvement in Highway Peg design for R1200 Hexhead BMWs.

Our new Highway Peg design is superior to existing designs for several reasons.
First of all is the mounting system that bolts securely to the frame and crankcase, not the heads or valve covers.
Second, our large size urethane foot pad is very comfortable and rocks to accommodate different foot positions.
Third is the 3” of length adjustment that allows riders of different inseam lengths to be equally comfortable.
Fourth, these Highway Pegs fold away neatly under the head when not in use, preserving the uncluttered look of your BMW.

Note: You will lose some cornering clearance with these highway pegs, similar to the amount lost when installing Ilium Works Sportboards. Fits R1200GS up to 2009, R1200RT up to 2009, R1200S, R1200ST, and R1200R up to 2010.

Ilium Works R1200 Hexhead Highway Peg Kit
Produced by Ilium Works of USA