MachineArtMoto R1200 Hexhead OC X-Head Guards


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X-Head DOHC are designed to cover 80% of the face of the cylinder head to protect, not only the bottom initial impact area in a drop, but also the upper part of the cylinder head. Even in a driveway drop, the inertia of a fall will cause a bike to roll briefly onto the face of the cylinder before it settles down on its bottom edge. X-Heads cover more area than OEM and other aftermarket head guards. The X-Head DOHC design benefits from considerable materials research and the selection of a DuPont "SuperTough" nylon selected for its blend of high impact strength, temperature and UV stabilization. The injection molded shell is designed to give slightly in impact to prevent breakage. Between it and the cylinder head is a 7mm thick thermoplastic rubber liner that aids in dissipating impact force while preventing hard contact with the cylinder. Each side mounts via 3 stainless steel fasteners treated with Nyloc thread locking compound to assure a tight installation.

-Fits 2010-2012 DOHC engines and 2014-2020 RnineT series, not for water-cooled machines or 2021-on RnineT
-Wide coverage
-Tough nylon polymer

MachineArtMoto R1200 Hexhead OC X-Head Guards
Produced by MachineArtMoto of USA