Metzeler Tourance Next Dual Sport 110/80R19


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The new Tourance Next. The Enduro street tyre that dares you to challenge any weather condition and any road. The latest generation of Enduro Street tyres, featuring new compounds, profiles, structure and tread pattern for unmatched levels of stability, safety on wet and mileage.

-Improved wet grip and stability
-Improved mileage over previous Tourance EXP
-Dual Compound rear sizes
-Ideal choice for the latest generation adventure touring bikes

Optimized Tread Pattern → Wear regularity → Improved Mileage
New Dual Compound solution → Chemical grip on Wet surfaces → Grip confidence on wet
Differntiated grooves layout and shape → Water evacuation, the compound is always in contact with the road → Safety Feeling

Dimensional weight listed

Metzeler Tourance Next Dual Sport 110/80R19
Produced by Metzeler of Germany