Michelin Commander III 180/65B16 Tire


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The newest MICHELIN® tire for all types of cruiser bikes!

-Grip in wet conditions and even in the rain!
-Performance made to last
-Good cornering performance

Why choose MICHELIN Commander III Cruiser tires?
Exceptional Wet Grip for Cruiser Bikes
-MICHELIN® Commander® III Cruiser tires offer the best wet grip and the shortest stopping distances in wet conditions among leading competitors (Based on internal test conducted in Fontange, France using a 2016 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight fitted with 130/90 B 16 front tire and 150/50 B16 rear tire comparing lap times and stopping distances of MICHELIN® Commander® III Cruiser tires with METZELER® CruisetecTM, METZELER® M888 MarathonTM Ultra, and DUNLOP® Elite 4 tires. Actual on-road results may vary.)

Michelin’s Premium Touch™ Technology
-The patented sidewall design of the MICHELIN® Commander® III tires enhance the styling of cruiser motorcycles

The front and rear tread compound use 100% silica reinforced rubber for maximum performance in wet conditions
-The front tire offers an optimized groove design with a higher void ratio as compared to the MICHELIN Commander II tire to help maximize water dispersion.
-The new, more rounded profile as compared to the MICHELIN® Commander® II tire optimizes the contact patch across the entire profile for a more planted feel even during cornering.

Performance Without Compromise
-MICHELIN® Commander® III tires deliver enhanced wet grip AND exceptional longevity

Can the Commander III be mixed with other tires?
-To ensure the best level of performance and safety, our ranges are developed based on a uniform fitting to the front and rear. It is therefore recommended that different ranges are not mixed on the same motorcycle. If different generations are mixed, it is advisable to fit the MICHELIN Commander III to the front wheel.

Is there a specific load recommendation for Commander III ?
-Michelin advises to respect the maximum load that is recommended bythe bike manufacturer. If the vehicle is over loaded (in reference of the manufacturer recommendations), tire failure and loss of control of the vehicle can happen.

Dimensional weight listed

Michelin Commander III 180/65B16 Tire
Produced by Michelin of France