Mitas MC30 Terra Force-R Dual Sport 170/60-17


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The Mitas MC 30 Terra Force-R dual sport tire provides excellent grip and drive on pavement with reliable off-road performance. The rubber compound is optimized for low rolling resistance that extends mileage and durability while the tread design maximizes the contact patch for great stability. The MC 30 positively adheres to the road while also efficiently evacuating dirt and debris when riding off-road. Confidence inspiring handling lets you focus on the adventure and scenery instead of available traction. Install the MC 30 Terra Force-R from Mitas and enjoy every mile!

-Excellent pavement performance with reliable traction in the dirt
-Excellent handling response
-Superb highway stability, comfort and low noise
-Low rolling resistance 
-Optimal wear characteristics
-Reflective directional arrow on sidewall 
-Great grip in a variety of conditions

Dimensional weight listed

Mitas MC30 Terra Force-R Dual Sport 170/60-17
Produced by Mitas of Europe