Moose Racing Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner

Moose Racing

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Cleans transparent surfaces. This formula is anti-static, anti-fog, fast-drying, non-streaking and it reduces glare. It also repels finger smudges, dirt and dust. The plastic cleaner contains no chemicals or abrasives that will cause damage to any transparent surface. Use on a variety of surfaces and materials including: acrylics, plexiglass, lexan, glass, polycarbonates, all safety glazing, display cases, video game screens, plastic mirrors, copier glass, camera lenses, chrome, formica, porcelain, fiberglass, and marble.

Cleans transparent surfaces
Anti-static, anti-fog, non-streaking
Increased usage will protect against wear and scratching

-Cleans all types of plastic surfaces
-Fast drying
-Reduces Glare
-No drip foaming action
-20 fl. oz., 19 oz. net weight
-Made in the USA

This product received the coveted thumbs-up from the Sierra BMW Service Manager!

Moose Racing Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner
Produced by Moose Racing of USA