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Ohlins F800GS (13-) Fork Cartridge Kit


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Based on the technology from Öhlins road racing cartridge kits, the front fork kit features our well proven NIX damping system, keeping compression and rebound damping separated, each confined to one fork leg.

Among the advantages with this design is the improved stability and control of the damping system, as well as ease of use as all the adjusters, both for compression and rebound damping as well as spring preload, is located at the top of each fork leg. Different springs are available to cope with individual requirements, as well as an effective hydraulic stop inside the cartridge to prevent bottoming.

The compact design of the NIX cartridge means it will easily fit inside the upside-down original front forks of most medium sized adventure bikes. They are easy to install as well. Just pop out the old innards of the fork and install the Öhlins cartridges. Then you won’t have to bother for a long while, as the cartridge is designed to withstand hard use for extended periods of time without servicing. Fast gravel roads on a weekend or piloting around narrow trails to find that perfect stopover for the night – now you can do it with complete control over your bike.

Technical Highlights
-Öhlins NIX Technology
-Fully adjustable from the top ‘cap’
-Rebound in one leg, compression in the other leg
-New developed hydraulic stop to prevent hard bottoming
-New piston rod
-Easy to install and service
-Different spring rates available

When ordering, please give us your riding weight in the "Comments" section so we can ensure the shock is setup correctly for you. Please call or write if you have any questions. Dimensional weight listed.

Ohlins F800GS (13-) Fork Cartridge Kit
Produced by Öhlins of Sweden