Ohlins R1100S S46PR1C1LS Rear Shock Absorber


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R1100S S46R1C1LS

-Fully adjustable single shock absorber.
-"Piggy back" reservoir with floating piston.
-Improved cooling gives more consistent damping and longer damper life.
-Has all our adjustment features, compression, rebound, length and hydraulic pre-load adjuster.
-Probably one of the most advanced single shock absorbers available.

*Please note: Fits S "Standard" Models only--Does not fit any models with "Sport/Boxer Cup" suspension.

When ordering, please give us your riding weight, passenger weight and percentage of time on the machine, and gear weight as well as percentage of time you carry your gear in the "Comments" section so we can ensure the shock is setup correctly for you. Please call or write if you have any questions.

Ohlins R1100S S46PR1C1LS Rear Shock Absorber
Produced by Ohlins of Sweden